Other Components

Other Components


1.The overshoot compensation device helps adjust front time in high capacitive tests. The overshoot compensation

   device consisting of capacitors and resistors is used to attenuate overshoot and to shorten front time. There are

   two types of overshoot compensation device by structure: GBD suspending type and GBY mobile type.


                                        GBD suspending type

                                                    GBY mobile type


2.The support (voltage limiting) resistor extends the tail time in impulse tests on transformers. It consists of a set of

   adjustable resistors.

ZCR support (voltage limiting) resistor


3.The impulse capacitor consists of a set of grouped capacitors in series. In parallel with test inductors, it is used to

    increase the half peak time in switching impulse tests on inductors and to keep the wave form in line with the

    relevant standards.

FH impulse capacitor