Oil paper capacitive high-voltage OIP wall bushing

///Oil paper capacitive high-voltage OIP wall bushing

Oil paper capacitive high-voltage OIP wall bushing



Oil paper capacitive wall bushing is used for high-voltage leads of outdoors to indoors or outdoors or from transformer equipments.

ChinSun Oil paper capacitive wall bushings advantages:

1 – Reliable primary insulation

Main insulation of bushing–Capacitor core adopts computer system for equal capacitance,equal margin, equal thickness design, optimised calculation results, ensure the uniformity of the electric field distribution, the reliability of the main insulation.

2 – High altitude, good stain resistance

According to the environmental characteristics of the high-altitude pollution areas, it can be produced to meet the altitude 1000 meters to 5000 meters bushing. Outer casing insulation distance according to GB/T4109, IEC60137 altitude correction.

The umbrella shape of the porcelain pieces is a large and small umbrella structure, according to unified creepage specific distance standard 347mm/kV~53.7mm/kV to meet the requirements of various pollution levels.

3 – Reliable sealing performance

The bushing is fully sealed to protect the capacitor core from the atmosphere. The integral connection and the main seal are mechanically fastened by strong springs to ensure the sealing performance of the casing under load. The 252kV bushing is also complemented by a snap-fit structure at the junction of the porcelain piece and the connecting sleeve to enhance the joint sealing strength of the part.

4 – Anti-corrosion and demagnetization performance

The oil pillow and connecting sleeve of the bushing are all cast aluminum alloy, In order to reduce the hysteresis and eddy current loss, it can also avoid the corrosion phenomenon such as rust and peeling of steel structural parts.

5 – Convenient detection device

On the connecting sleeve of the bushing, there is a measuring lead device for measuring the dielectric loss tangent (tanδ) capacitance (C) and the partial discharge amount of the sleeve dielectric;  set an oil valve device to taking oil in order to detect the dissolved gas content in the bushing oil.

The current-carrying structure of the transformer bushing is a cable-through structure and a direct structure.

Oil type wall bushings electrical performance data: