LVB-type oil-immersed current transformer(live tank)

///LVB-type oil-immersed current transformer(live tank)

LVB-type oil-immersed current transformer(live tank)


Product Description:

      LVB current transformer is a kind of instrument transformer with oil-paper insulation, inverted structure. Its shell is made of cast aluminum alloy, with secondary coils inside. A conductive rod passes through the middle of the secondary coils. Insulating main insulation consists of a head and a straight rod insulation of two parts, by a straight part is composed of several capacitive screen equalizing sleeve. A stainless steel expander is on the top of product, can release the internal pressure. Most of connection between the shell and the flange and the base is to use sub-arc welding, instead of bolts and other mechanical connection, which enables reliable sealing performance, solve the problem of oil-immersed product oil leakage.




  1. The primary winding is a conductive rod, dynamic stability and thermal stability are good, the maximum thermal current value reaches 63kA / 3s (in series);
  2. High accuracy, up to 0.1 and 0.2S class;
  3. Secondary winding is fixed by organic material in aluminum shield enclosure, which makes the measurement and protection circuits on the secondary side of the insulation breakdown will not get an electric shock;
  4. Optimal design of capacitive screen is the whole import wide cable paper, by high-performance computer-controlled automatic wrapping machine made. Dispersion of small craft, excellent insulation properties, partial discharge less than 5pC under power frequency test voltage;
  5. Vacuum drying system uses German LEBOLD brand automatic equipment. After the transformer assembly completed, vacuum drying method using PSA method treatment, oiling, to ensure that the product overall dielectric loss factor tanδ less than 0.3%;
  6. The outer insulation made of high strength porcelain sets, optimizing the surface along the surface field strength and low field strength inside the casing design combined, making products from the danger of explosion;
  7. Secondary outlet box overall aluminum casted, dustproof, waterproof, breathable seal structure, with IP55 requirements for secondary wiring terminal user uses the Phoenix terminal, plug, pull, wiring and other operations more convenient and efficient;
  8. Product connection between the parts imported from Germany, welding robot welding, assembling finished overall pressure nitrogen leak charge, the fundamental solution to the problem of leakage of oil immersed type products;
  9. Shell, base, terminal box and other components using aluminum materials, long-term use does not rust;
  10. Appearance, small size, light weight, maintenance-free;
  11. Products pass the Netherlands KEMA Type Test.


      LVB (T) type current transformers can measure energy, metering, protection and transient protection in the power line.

Product Parameters



Internal insulating medium


Rated primary current

Up to 4000A

Short-time thermal current

Up to 63kA/3s




≤3000m, others on request

Specific creepage distance