L(A)B type oil-immersed current transformer(dead tank)

///L(A)B type oil-immersed current transformer(dead tank)

L(A)B type oil-immersed current transformer(dead tank)


Product Description:
L(A)B type current transformer has an oil-immersed fully-sealed structure. The primary coil is U-shape, the main body is fixed on the bracket, the main insulation uses capacitor type oil-paper, use the high voltage cable paper to wrap the core of primary coil, and set up several capacitor shields among it, the internal shield is connected to high potential, and the external shield is connected to ground reliably.
There is a porcelain bushing at the upper part of oil tank, and an oil conservator is set up on top of porcelain bushing, primary outlet terminal is on the oil conservator, series-parallel connection uses an external switch device, i.e., the switching operation is carried out outside the oil conservator.
Use a stainless steel expander as the oil compensation device to ensure oil quality. Oil level is indicated by the pointer at the upper window of expander.
A nameplate is set up on the oil tank to show the technical data. There are four lifting lugs for hoisting, an oil-discharge valve and earthing bolts at the bottom of oil tank.
The product can have four to six secondary coils, the secondary measurement coil is made by microcrystalline alloy with high magnetic conductivity, thus can ensure that the measurement precision reaches up to 0.2 grade or 0.2S grade. current transformer has a pigtail at measurement secondary coil, in order to get two current ratios.
Use new technology and new materials such as hot galvanizing or stainless steel standard parts etc for outside of the product to make complete equipment rustless.
Reasonable and originative structure as well as advanced technology ensures that the product runs reliably, safely and durably.

Product Parameters



Internal insulating medium


Rated primary current

Up to 2500A

Short-time thermal current

Up to 40kA/3s




≤3000m, others on request

Specific creepage distance