High-Voltage Silicone Rubber Wall Bushing

///High-Voltage Silicone Rubber Wall Bushing

High-Voltage Silicone Rubber Wall Bushing



ChinSun Wall bushing is up to 363 kV.


A bushing is very simply a device that allows one or more conductors to pass through a partition such as a wall or a tank and insulate the conductor from the barrier. The connection to the diaphragm (either the flange or any other fixture) is part of the casing, and the conductor may or may not be part of the casing.


The ChinSun bushing is a type of casing called a capacitor casing or capacitor grade, where the required voltage level is obtained by combining the conductive material in the insulating material or the arrangement of the semiconductor layer.

In addition to these traditional products, ChinSun’s original bushing includes the use and usage of insulating materials:

The main core insulator is an inert, highly characteristic polymer, such as PTFE, which is inserted into the conductor foil.

The insulated silicone rubber sleeve is then used to provide a large creepage distance under all conditions of use. Hydrophobicity of silicone rubber (naturally repel water) nature helps to form a single droplet, thus reducing the leakage current, prevent flashover, and increase humidity and serious pollution in the environment of withstand voltage threshold.

These different complementary functions provide the best local discharge and tan level for the ChinSun bushing, ensuring a highly stable and secure working bushing during very long service life.

In addition, the dry nature of the core insulator eliminates the risk of leakage caused by the cantilever force acting on the wall bushing flange.


ChinSun provides the main advantages of your power projects:


No explosion risk – protect your personnel and equipment.

Real maintenance – unparalleled ROI and durable equipment.

Improve the reliability level of the grid – reduce the outage probability.

There is no risk of a toxic spill – no harm to the indoor unit.

Lighter than traditional technology – more versatile.