GW4A Series Disconnector

///GW4A Series Disconnector

GW4A Series Disconnector



1.1 Usage and characteristic

The product has two columns with horizontal center breaks. It is used for breaking or connecting HV lines under no loads in the substation. It accessible to the grounding switch on one side or two sides. The disconnect switch adopts CJ2 or SRCJ motor operating mechanism to realize the three-gang operation. The earthing switch adopts CS14G manual operating mechanism to realize the three-gang operation.

1.2 Service condition

  1. a) Ambient temperature:-60℃~+55℃;
  2. b) Altitude above sea level:not exceed 2000m;
  3. c) Wind speed:no more than 34m/s;
  4. d) Iced thickness:no more than 10mm;
  5. e) Earthquake:          intensity no more than 9 degree;
  6. f) Dirtiness condition:suitable for pollution region IV class and below;
  7. g)No heavy shock frequently, noexplosive substance, inflammables or caustic;
    h) The intensity of sunshine:   1000W/m2(It is a fine day at noon)