CDYX Series

CDYX Series


CDYX-20 impulse voltage generator is featured by integrated design, small size, light weight, easy operation, flexibility and mobility. It can be is used to conduct standard and customized lightning and switching surge tests on small-capacity test objects (e.g. SCR thyristor valve) and inductors (Min. 1mH) etc. The generator and the control system are highly integrated in the control cabinet sized 600mmx500mmx1200mma 600mmx500mmx1200mm sized control cabinet. The impulse test system is manually or automatically controlled through the a 5-inch touch screen mounted on the control panel. The BNC on the cabinet allows installation of measuring equipments equipment such as digital oscilloscopes.


Basic parameters:

Working power:                                      AC 220V

Impulse voltage peak (adjustable):             20kV

Capacity (optional):                                 1kJ

Mode of operation:                                  MAN/AUT

Delayed chopped(0~99.9μS)          Optional

AC phase shift(0~3609):                         Optional