Capacitor Voltage Transformer

///Capacitor Voltage Transformer

Capacitor Voltage Transformer


Product Description: 

Capacitor voltage transformer series products are suitable for current, electric energy measurement and relay protection in a system with effectively earthed neutral with rated voltage 35kV to 1100 kV and rated frequency 50/60Hz. It can also be used for carrier wave communication concurrently.

This product consists of capacitor voltage divider and electromagnetic unit. the medium voltage terminal and low voltage terminal of capacitor voltage divider are lead out into an oil tank equipped with electromagnetic unit. The electromagnetic unit consists of middle transformer, a compensation reactor and a damper
The capacitor voltage divider consists of a bushing, a core and a metal expander. The core of capacitor is combined by several film-paper composite media and serial parts which are made by coiling aluminum foils, it is carried out vacuum dipping treatment, the porcelain bushing is filled with transformer oil, and it is equipped with the metal expander to compensate the change of oil volume at different temperatures.
This series transformer has a quick saturation damping device with a quick transient response speed, and it also can damp ferroresonance reliably.
There is a carrier wave communication terminal in the secondary outlet box, and it also has an over-voltage protection clearance.
There are an oil level gauge, an outlet box, a nameplate, an oil-discharge plug and an earthing base outside the oil tank.
The sealing structure of product is optimized, so it has a good sealing performance.

Product Parameters

Nominal voltage


Internal insulating medium


Rated voltage factor

1.5, 30s / 1.9, 8h




≤3000m, others on request

Specific creepage distance