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Your contact for proven advanced technology, state of the art manufacturing, faster delivery and reliable partner for transmission and distribution equipment.

We provide support, liaison, and assistance in North America for Sieyuan Electric, a global leading electrical manufacturer. Main product lines of Sieyuan Electric are voltage transformers, GIS, Dead Tank circuit breakers, air-insulated switchgear, oil chromatography, power quality and automation. Please refer to www.sieyuan.com for all product lines.

Remember us for 25.5 to 550 kV current transformer (mineral oil filled or SF6 filled), 72.5 to 550 kV GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), 72.5 to 550 kv dead tank circuit breaker, 36.5 to 1100 kv optical current transformer, optical current transducer, Dead Tank or LiveTank current transformer, current transformer transient response, Dead Tank circuit breakers, instrument transformer manufacturer, crystal-valve optical current transformer.

Faster delivery is made possible only with all suppliers located near the factory and with all the major components manufactured at the site, thus having a near perfect supply chain system. In addition, the proven quality control system and manufacturing excellence achieve over 99% first-pass yield on the production. Therefore, if you require any equipment with short time delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Production for Current transformer namely Inverted and tank type Dead Tank or LiveTank Current transformer (SF6 and oil filled insulation from 35 kV to 550 kV) are 10800 units for the year 2016. It makes SIEYUAN Electric one of the largest and highest voltage manufacturers of instrument transformer manufacturer in the world.

Crystal-Valve Optical Current transformer (up to 1000kV) is one of world latest renowned innovative product developed by Sieyuan Electric. Crystal-Valve Optical Current transformer (CVOCT) is an optical current measurement technique based on a crystal light valve magnetic field sensing element. The technique uses the Faraday magneto-optic effect to induce the magnetic field; the crystal light valve converts the magnetic field into light intensity and calculates the current produced by the magnetic field by analyzing the light intensity.

Compared with the traditional electromagnetic current transformer, the technology makes the transformer high and low voltage completely isolated, high security has excellent insulation properties, does not contain the core, eliminating the magnetic saturation and ferroresonance and other issues, easy to digital and microcomputer. This product will be widely used in the intelligent substation (Smart Grid). Please refer to the power point presentation on our website www.ssequipments.com for more details and applications.

In addition, we carry High Voltage testing Systems and Equipment from Beijing Huatian Mechanical –Electrical Institute Co.ltd (BHT). The company is affiliated with China Aerospace & Industry Corp. Please refer to the website for product details.

Also, we represent transformer bushing and wall bushing from Chinsun Shandong Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd. Please refer to the website for more information.

Please contact our North America Support.

Email: Poon@suequipment.com
Phone: 1-416-671-8104